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AB 1227 - Mandates Child Sex-Trafficking Awareness Education for Teachers and school personal and STUDENTS


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AB 1227 is a Law for all teachers, school employees AND students from Jr. High on up to be educated in Child Sex-Trafficking.

(beginning January 1, 2018)

California public schools will now be required to teach California’s school-age population how to avoid becoming victims of exploitation 

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Specifically, AB 1227 requires:

  • Educators, at least once in middle school and once in high school, to provide instruction to students on human trafficking including:
    • The prevalence, nature, and strategies to reduce the risk of human trafficking
    • Techniques to set healthy boundaries
    • How to safely seek assistance
  • Training to be available and conducted periodically to enable school district personnel to learn about new developments in the understanding of abuse, including sexual abuse, and human trafficking, and to receive instruction on current prevention efforts and methods.
  • County Offices of Education and County Sheriff’s Departments to be represented as part of their local Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) Program.

Press Release: Governor Brown Signs AB 1227 (Bonta) into Law – 10/09/17

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The COVID has slowed things down - but trafficking has increased

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Dr. Judy Osterhage has a level of expertise unparalleled in our community, and she knows how to teach, train, and bring others along into awareness and action on behalf of our most vulnerable members of our society.  - Alice

Aside from her life changing parenting work, Judy is also a human sex trafficking educator, instructor, advocate and a powerful voice in raising awareness. - Jim

In addition to Dr. Judy's degrees in Early Childhood Education, and K- 12, she has her Doctorate in Social Justice and Leadership for Change, with a Research Specialization in Childhood Trauma, 

Dr. Judy is a sought after human trafficking instructor per the state of California.

  • Recognized trainer in the state of California
  • Statewide Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) – education trainer and conference facilitator
  • Currently working with trafficking survivors attending college
  • Worked closely with District Attorney Office Trafficking Task Force
  • Has worked with at-risk youths for 25+ years

Additionally she is a spokes person for HOPE REFUGE

Check out one of her interviews on sex-trafficking - Blog Talk Radio - interview on Trafficking

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