Develop a SOLID Parent Visitation Plan Designed Specifically to YOUR Family

 Do you want to stay out of going back to court over and over again?
 Do you want to do save thousands of dollars wiand know you have the best plan designed specifically for your family?

My name is Dr. Judy Sullivan Osterhage

I am an Early Childhood Specialist, teaching preschool and kindergarten for many years.  In fact, I was a mentor teacher for college students pursuing their teaching certificate.  I have teaching experience from preschool to college courses all related to Early Childhood Education.  I also have a degree in Elementary Education focusing on K - 12.  Later I earned my doctorate degree in Social Justice - Educational Leadership for Change.

Certified - Parent Coach

Certified Family Mediator

What is - Family Transition Mediation?

This  is a goal-oriented process moving towards the best decisions for a parent plan that meets their specific life style, interests, needs ands and concerns.

This process gives parents a chance to resolve disagreements as amicable as possible to develop a successful long-term Parenting Visitation Plan with their children’s best interest at heart, , resulting in decreased conflicts, less trauma and healthy family relationships within the transition.

Benefits of Mediation

Child Focused

  • Children's best interests is the priority                                                                
  • Allows parents to focus on what is best for their children

Parent Led

  •  Parents work together to make a successful workable plan to meet their specific family needs.

Cost Effective

  • The parties go to a joint mediator rather than each party hiring an attorney. 
  • Open Communication - not legal manipulation

Why is Family Transition Mediation Important?

Why is important to work together is you get to make a parent visitation plan decision? 

  • To customize what works best for your family.
  • For your family to have flexibility for changes as your family changes.
  • To have the final determination about your family’s future
  • To increase calm and communication
  • To decrease conflict and chaos
  • To decrease time and cost which can drag this process on.

How does the Family Transition Mediation work?

1)     Discussion the many factors considered in making a Parent Plan


2)    Explore Statement of the problem by the parties,
3)    Compile any additional information gathered upon discussion,
4)    Identification of the problems, concerns or questions
5)    Bargaining and generating options, and possible solutions
6)    Reaching an agreement you can create into a solid, comprehensive plan!

Transitional Parenting Mediation and Coaching 

Assisting parents to make a healthy and smooth transition plan based on what is best for the children in the case of separation or divorce.

A flexible process designed to  create a custom – SOLID - parenting visitation plan that best serves YOUR children and family. 


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Other Cost-Effective Divorce Solution Options

The Parent Visitation Plan Process

A comphrensive course going through every aspect of what goes on a SOLID - strong parenting plan.

Decrease conflict, Chaos and COST!


Do it ONCE and do it RIGHT!

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Developing a Parent Visitation Plan when Divorcing a Narcissist

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This course will take you through creating a parent plan with strategies to  protect you and your kids

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