Meet - Dr. Judy 

The Celebrity Parenting Coach! 

You know when your kids are driving you crazy?

I help struggling parents tackle tantrums and challenging behaviors and become calm, confident Rockstar parent!

The parenting journey is not always easy


- Have you wondered what happen to you as a couple when you became parents?
- Have you struggles to identify your role as a parent partner?
- Have you realized you have completely different parenting styles?
- Bringing home a new baby were you shocked at your toddlers sudden behaviors? 
- Are tantrums driving you crazy?
- Is the backtalk and disrespect exhausting?
- Do you ever go to bed in despair about your parenting?
- Are you ready to become a calm and confident parent?


Welcome to parenthood - YOU are not alone!

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"I seriously thought it would take YEARS before tantrums and chaos calmed down.  


 I can't believe it has just been weeks!"

Watch this clip to see just how much I struggled ... before I learned how to tackle tantrums!


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Heather Warren

Being a mom of four, a step child, twin babies and a toddler, I felt overwhelmed. Judy helped teach me healthful parenting techniques that made my life feel so much more balance and manageable with the children. My kids and I have had a healthy loving relationship for years now and there is mutual respect between us. They have grown up to be loving responsible people. Judy’s wisdom with families and children is priceless!

Ishu Rao M.D.

The complaining and negotiating are being replaced with smiles and cooperation. I am convinced that every parent could benefit from a conversation with this woman! I wish I had two more hands so I could give her four thumbs up!” – Ishu Rao M.D.

“Judy helped me learn how to say things when I’m having trouble dealing with my child’s behavior. Just small tweaks to my reactions & words made a huge difference!” - Laura Rao

Jeanette Chian Brooks

Dr. Judy has transformed our home dynamic from one of constant (and stressful) power struggles to one of few power struggles, if at all. Best of all, the time we used to spend on these struggles has been converted into meaningful quality time where we are truly connecting with our kids. I wish that every parent could meet with Dr. Judy!